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30 Business Ideas For Beginners In Malaysia

You are probably wondering what kind of business you should open here in Malaysia? As a local, you would probably notice some trending items but that is just it. If you want to start a business, it should not be solely a trending item because trends change.

But you can identify what category is always trending in Malaysia. Why is it important? Because starting a business may be a passion but passion is nothing without knowledge. Knowing the kind of business to open requires knowledge and the first step is to identify what consumers want. Here are 7 business ideas that would gain a lot of sales in Malaysia: 1. Food and Beverages If you notice, Malaysians love to eat. Food reviews are growing here and there with the help of influencers. This would be the best time to start a food and beverage business as there will always be a trend in terms of food and it is easy to “copy” those ideas and improvise a bit to start your own trend. People love to taste when recommended. So sales will hit the roof if the right person recommends your product. 2. Fashion Apart from food, fashion is another thing that lives on trends. In Malaysia, fashion is vast and varied because there are many groups of people with different kinds of styles, such as those who are into Muslimah clothing, boho-chic, Avante-Garde or normal fashion. Especially in the era of social media, people always show off what they are wearing. You will easily get ideas on what is trending and how to make your product the centre of attention. 3. Gadget Repairs Gadgets like smartphones and laptops are essential in this modern era. Gadgets have weaknesses that you can take advantage of; they are fragile and fixing them needs a professional. If you have the ability to repair gadgets or know someone who does, or simply have the gift of learning through videos and such, you can start a business in this area and will always have a customer. 4. Travel Agency Malaysia is an attractive country and it attracts a lot of people all around the globe to spend their holidays here. Malaysia is also listed as one of the top choices for people to spend their retirement. Malaysians themselves love to travel. Every moment there will be people going in and out of the country, so you are able to procure customers. On the plus side, it requires low capital with high returns.

5. Real Estate Real Estate business is growing in Malaysia at a fast pace. Right now, the government is also giving few opportunities to middle and low-income families to own a house which is an advantage on your side as you can have a different target and you can create a whole different idea for them to buy your property.

6. Professional Services This kind of services may not be physically seen as growing but it is. You don’t need to have items with high start-up capital to begin a professional service. You just start with investing in yourself because you are the product and being a product, you are able to control your target customers. The professional services you may want to venture into are as a web developer, graphic designer, freelance translator or writer and you don’t even need an office so you can almost own all the profit you get.

7. Internet Business Aligning with the era today, the internet attracts more customers than physical stores and it requires less maintenance (but you still need to maintain your site and profile). Marketing is made easy and customers can be from anywhere and everywhere. It can be anyone too. So if you have already started a physical business anywhere, start an internet business too, so you can get twice the customers than usual.

8. Frozen Foods Frozen Foods are easily prepared and have a longer expiry date. Nowadays, frozen foods are sought after with people’s busy schedules and rushing lifestyle. You can also explore more on types of frozen food like baby food, children food, and such.

9. Packed Fruits Another good idea is to open up a healthy store as unhealthy lifestyle is increasing. To eat healthy can sometimes be time consuming so when you provide an easier alternative, people will grab your product. In addition, there is not much procedure you need to go through. You can just simply start now.

10.Children Material Children materials have always been exclusive. Meaning, parents have to always change their children’s clothes, toys, books and such from time to time so selling children materials will always be in the market demand and they are a lot of new inventions for parents to lessen the difficulties of raising their children so, you will have your own target community to sell it to.

11.Delivery Service Today, everything is made easy including selling and buying via online transaction. So when transactions are being done online, they need someone to deliver their items so starting a delivery service like Grab, Bungkusit and such wouldn’t be too bad. The demand is high. 12. Transportation Service Make a business using the asset you already have is a good start. Nowadays, drivers are needed here and there as people begin to stop relying on taxis. If your business grows, you do not have to be a driver but to employ more drivers to use your service as you can focus on other areas like marketing and maintaining your apps.

13. Tuition Center Starting a tuition center can be beneficial both in this world and the Hereafter because everywhere and anywhere people are in need of an educational assistance and right now, home tutions are starting to grow rapidly. 14. Coaching Services Above everything else, if you have achieved a step ahead in business or skills and have the knowledge on how to handle business and confront problems arising, you can start thinking of opening a coaching services. It will benefit you in the long run. 15. Cosmetics and Health Beauty Nowadays we can see that Malaysians love beauty product by just observing how successful cosmetics and health stores like Watson and Guardian are. Apart from that, Malaysian are self conscious about their health and your business might be what they seek. 16. Dropshipping Sometimes you don’t have enough money to start your own business but you might be the right person to start selling people’s product first in order to gain knowledge and later on add your own product. Dropshipping business is arising. 17. Personal Shopper Nowadays, people do not have a lot of time allocated for shopping, much less having to queue or travel just to buy few items so this is when personal shopper come in handy. A lot of people will use your service especially if you decide to be a personal shopper for overseas items. You might just get yourself a paid-to-travel job too. 18. Airbnb The mobile application and website for Airbnb are blooming and you can hitch a ride to success by joining their business too. If you have an extra house or more than that, you don’t want to leave it empty for a long period of time, right? Why not turn it into a homey hotel for travellers?

19. Pet Caretaker Malaysians love animals especially cats but having one means a full responsibility. Sometimes, owners love to travel around and in need of a caretaker. Why not take this opportunity to make a business by taking care of the adorable pets? Killing two birds with one stone, huh?

20. Cleaning services Another opportunity for you if you are into cleaning and re-organize stuff because people would pay for your service if you are willing to declutter their life by making their house neat and tidy. Nowadays, cleaning services are not widely spread by using the technology we have today, you might grab the opportunity to shine.

21. Babysitter You don’t have to start with a whole place planned. You can start with offering babysitting services at a given time as nowadays, some mothers just need time off for a while so there’s no need to send them to a play school. Again, you can invest in your skills to achieve trust in your clients. 22. Event Planner Starting an event planning business might be the right kind of fun for you if you like planning and meeting people in general. There are a lot of opportunities for event planners today as people want to keep the hustle of planning to a professional. 23. Event Space Buy a large hall, decorate it and rent it out! Many people would pay for a nice and picturesque view for their special occasions and even better if you are able to liaise with an event planning company. You don’t need to do anything apart from providing the space.

24. Photographer As the digital life and social media begin dominating people’s lives, they would always one person to capture their special moments or simply them or their business so having a photography business has a lot of advantages and business opportunities. 25. Content Creator In the social media world, it is not just the images that will entice readers or followers, their words will too. That is why people pay to those who has the skill to attract people with their words. If you think the magic pen is yours, then try it.

26. Car Rental If you are not into driving people around, you can use your car as a rental property. Car rental services are famous among tourists, students or those who want to try driving different types of cars. So why let that extra car sitting in the corner of your parking lot, let it worth the hours.

27. Preloved Items This is a good business as you can get rid of your used items and encourage people to recycle. In Malaysia, the idea is still new to some people and you can start introducing it to people. 28. Graphic Designer A much needed job position but if you are confident enough and have a motto you hold on to, you can start your own business with it and expand into a printing business one day. Start by being creative because creativity is expensive. 29. Web Developer Today, even children are taught coding and programming language so you can see how this skill can be your fortune. A lot of businesses have websites and some even depend on it so you can make your own company by providing web developing consultation to them.

30. Small Poultry A rare but beneficial business idea to start. If you have a place to start this business, that is the right sign so go ahead. If things do not go well, you can always restart.

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