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Can You Get Back All Your Expenses in the Future?

Imagine you get back all your paid expenses in the future!

Questions like "How much will I be able to get?"

"Is it possible?"

"Is this a scam?"

"Is it too good to be true?"

... naturally will come to rise.

Traditionally without creative financial solutions you won't be able to get back your monthly expenses!

But now using Quantum Metal (QM) solutions you can!

QM is a US OTC company who initially started in Malaysia as the main Gold distributor to the Bank in Malaysia since 2012.

QM provides a wide range of services for the precious metal including trading and leasing of gold, gold collateral facilities, custodian of gold, gold tokenization, logistics, and services for mining and refinery companies.

For brief information about QM please watch this video :

But how do you get back your Expenses ?

Here is the step by step process on how you can get back your expenses in the future!

Step 1 - Determine how much your monthly expenses are. Let’s say USD 1,000

Step 2 - Calculate how much Gold you need to purchase to tie your Expenses

to Gold

USD 1,000 divide 85% = USD 1,176.47 (QM Provides the facilities to cash out 85% of your Gold via a shariah approved Tawarruq transactions)

Step 3 - Buy GOLD (QM GSA) USD 1,176.47

Step 4 - Perform Gold Convert (GCA) to get USD 1,000 CASH to pay your expenses!

Now your Expenses are already tied to GOLD!

You still have your USD 1,000 of Cash to pay for your expenses!

You will also still own the Gold Grammage that you purchase at USD 1,176.47

The Tawarruq fees are only payable when you Sell the GOLD. The fees are at a very low rate of just 3.5% per annum.

Step 5 - Wait until Gold price increases to your Set Targeted Value for you to recover back your paid expenses!

Let’s calculate!

You Paid for your GOLD = USD 1,176.47

If Gold price increased 10 % per annum for 10 years, your Gold would have doubled in Value!

Your Gold Value USD 1,176.47 x 2 = USD 2,352.94

You QM Facilities USD 1,000 (the cash that you took out)

Your Tawarruq fees 3.5% x USD 1,000 x 10 years = USD 350

Your Net Cash USD 2,353.94 - USD 1,000 - USD 350 = USD 1,003.94!

YES! With this simple strategy, you get to recover back your USD 1,000 expenses because you tie your expenses to Gold using Quantum Metal facilities!

Start your journey to financial freedom now!

Get your free Quantum Metal Account today!

Or text me for more information!

Thank you.

Coach Fadzil


Quantum Metal

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