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The Secret Of Your Future

"The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine! Here are some tips to help you achieve success and spiritual growth:

1. Wake up early and join the 5am club. This is the time when the world is still asleep and you can focus on your goals and dreams.

2. Pray, meditate, and connect to the Creator. Seek Allah's help daily to guide you on your journey.

3. Go deep in your thoughts about your dream, your current stage, and seek ideas and motivation to do better than yesterday.

4. Exercise for at least 30 minutes and listen to motivational podcasts or YouTube videos to boost your energy and mindset.

5. Finalize your tasks for the day and make sure to achieve them.

6. Read books or articles to gain knowledge and expand your horizons.

7. Follow your coach or mentor's posts to stay inspired and motivated.

8. Work long hours - at least 8 hours daily.

9. Connect and communicate with people around you to build relationships and support.

10. Get 15 minutes of sun to boost your mood and Vitamin D level.

11. Drink enough water, 25kg/your weight = 1 litre.

12. Recite Quran, Selawat 100, and Dzikir to stay connected to spiritual side.

13. Spend time with family - talk, eat, play, hug and kiss them to strengthen your bond with them.

14. Reflect and review your day - think about what can be done better and make a plan to improve.

Remember, consistency and discipline is key to achieving your goals!

Coach Fadzil

Your Dream Chaser Coach

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