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What Prevents Malaysia From Becoming A Developed Nation?

I’m writing in response to an article in Focus Malaysia written by Koon Yew Tin who was described as a savvy investor and philanthropist.

He concluded that the reasons that prevented Malaysia from becoming a developed nation are as follows:

  1. Corruption

  2. Too many Civil service staff (1.7 Million) with poor performance

  3. Meritocracy for university entrance to ensure that the government has the best resources to be hired

Although he has a valid point, these have been the same reasons used for so many years by those who became rich in this country. Regardless of their ethnicity, be it Chinese or Malay, the moment they become successful in this country, they will start blaming others for remaining poor and not being rich like them. Instead of offering assistance and ideas to solve the root cause of the problem, they will use a race card to stoke the fire so we could be forever divided and remain poor in order for them to become richer.

Giving some money for donations immediately makes them philanthropists and demand a certain level of respect.

Let’s not forget that most Malaysian billionaires became billionaires through government awarded projects. Very few actually built businesses from the ground up and even if they started small on their own, they only became super rich via government awarded contracts.

I think it is unfair to blame the huge numbers of civil servants in the country as it is one of the strategies to create employment for Malaysians. If the government does not employ them then we will have issues of a higher unemployment rate that will cost our country a lot more problems.

I do agree that some civil servants failed to deliver the best services but the majority did a very good job. If they do not perform, it is our duty to speak up specifically to address the issues. With social media access we now can voice out for them to improve.

I disagreed on the university intake meritocracy calling as most of the new generation parents prefer to opt for private university instead of government. They also manage to graduate on their own without having to take away those who are needed to be helped the most.

For me, free tertiary education must be structured for all Malaysians. This is my suggestions for all Malaysians to consider:

  1. We must all agree that we can’t rely on the government alone to solve all our problems.

  2. We must all agree that we should be united and work together to rebuild this country.

  3. We must all agree to contribute ideas, resources, time and money to do the necessary actions to change the future of Malaysia!

  4. We must all agree to work together to help local businesses reach a minimum profitability target in order for them to be able to pay a minimum of RM 5,000 for Malaysian workers in 10 years time.

  5. We must stop questioning and play the ‘blame game’ and start understanding, accepting, respecting and loving one another.

  6. All Malaysians must understand each other’s religion and culture so we can stop all this stupidity of fighting each other. Blaming the government for everything despite benefitting from it must be a thing in the past.

  7. Blaming the government for everything despite benefitting from it must be a thing in the past.

  8. If the politicians do not want to change, we the Rakyat must not follow them. We CHANGE because when we CHANGE massively, everyone else will CHANGE too!

  9. Start loving each other, help each other and work together to make our country prosperous again.

  10. Let’s take responsibility for what has happened and start taking actions to start the ripples.

  11. Buy from Malaysian first and support local businesses and start reducing spending on foreign entities in the spirit of loving each other.

  12. We must rise and start working together with the Malay, Chinese and other races. Instill a strong sense of love and respect towards each other.

  13. Stop complaining, stop giving excuses, stop blaming others, stop waiting for the politicians to change, stop waiting for someone else to do it!

  14. Start uniting the Malays, Chinese and other races, Start going to the drawing board together to paint the successful nation that we once dreamt of! Start drawing beautiful, high income nations, developed country status and successful Malaysians. Start rebuilding and develop a successful Malaysia!

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p/s: I’m ready to host a start up meeting for us to start taking the action to rebuild this nation. Say Support if you agree. We will announce our first meeting.

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